How Does Marriage Impact SSDI Benefits in Greenville?


Living with a disability can be complicated. Even a minor disability creates multiple hurdles for a person. From living a normal life to making friends, nothing is simple for disabled individuals. However, every state grants certain benefits to such differently-abled individuals.

Healthcare, monthly payments, and other benefits are given to such people every month. It makes their life a little better but getting these benefits is not easy. SSDI benefits in Greenville are not easy to obtain. Moreover, once you start receiving these payments, you need to make sure that you commit no such action that makes you ineligible for the program.

According to studies, 14% of all adults in the United States suffer from one or more forms of disabilities. It can be a disability of speech, voice, hearing, or any body part. No matter what the problem might be, carrying on with your life is tough. That is why these disability programs are designed to support such people in difficult times. Many factors affect whether you are eligible for these disability benefits or not.

Can Marrying Someone Affect Your SSDI Benefits in Greenville?

Marriage does not affect your SSDI benefits in Greenville. Whether you marry a well-off person or not, it doesn’t change the amount you get each month. The things which make you eligible for SSDI benefits are your work credits, the type of disability you have, and the severity of your condition. Certain states have laws regarding minimum work credits which qualify differently-abled people for benefits.

If you haven’t worked enough, you might not get into the program. Those individuals who receive benefits on their own work, do not need to worry about anything even after marriage. The scenario changes for people using someone else’s work credits. Similarly, the type of disability and the way it impacts your daily life also affect the decision.

How Do SSDI Benefits Change for Spouses and Children After Marriage?

Individuals getting SSDI benefits can share benefits with their spouses and children. However, when your child marries, their eligibility is affected. Children under 18 are eligible for disability benefits. They can collect the payment till they turn 19 or till they are not married. Even adopted children can benefit from this program. An independent adult cannot receive any benefits on behalf of their disabled parents. For disabled children, the SSDI benefits in Greenville do not change even after marriage.

Furthermore, widows or widowers are eligible for getting disability benefits on behalf of their deceased spouse. They get benefits till the time a widow or widower does not remarry. Some spouses can’t get benefits as they do not fulfill certain requirements mentioned by the state.

Limitations of SSDI Benefits in Greenville:

Even though in most cases, a marriage of individuals with disabilities won’t affect their benefits, there are certain limitations. For example, if you and your partner are both eligible for SSDI benefits in Greenville, there is a possibility that you might lose some of your benefits.

There are also income limits and resource limits in states. So, individuals marrying a person making a significant amount of income will have less priority. Since the program is designed to help people in critical states, marrying a well-to-do person might make you ineligible altogether.

How Does a Disability Lawyer in Greenville, SC Help You with Benefits?

Getting benefits for your disability is your right, and no one can stop you from it. If the state doesn’t pay you for some reason, then you should pursue the matter. For this purpose, having a lawyer is a must. Your attorney not only explains to you the eligibility criteria for these benefits but also guides you on the ways you can avoid getting these benefits reduced. Calculations for SSDI benefits can be lengthy. With a lawyer’s assistance, you won’t find it troublesome.

Hire Experienced Disability Lawyers in SC:

With the help of our disability lawyers in Greenville, SC, you can fight for your disability benefits at any level. Whether you need consultation regarding how marriage affects your SSDI benefits or need to know about how you could maximize your profit, we are here to help you. Our experienced team members will file applications on your behalf and make sure that your case has a positive outcome.

Feel free to book a free-of-cost appointment and discuss your case in detail. Our social security disability attorneys have answers to all your queries. Call our firm for a quick response.