SSD Reconsideration in Greenville: Tips for Success


Applying for SSD reconsideration in Greenville can be challenging. If you recently applied for any federal social security disability insurance (SSD/SSI), there is a high chance that you won’t get good news. It has been estimated that in the initial phases one-third of the applications are approved.

This takes you to other steps. To obtain disability benefits you might consider a request for reconsideration. This allows re-assessing the application for SSD/SSI (SSD reconsideration). In 2019, around 9,765,096 people received social security disability in the USA.

The approval for social security disability application in the reconsideration stages is also rare. If you work with an experienced social security disability attorney, you might be able to know about certain tips that can increase the chances of success for your reconsideration application.

Solid Documentation & Disability Lawyers in Greenville, SC:

The process of filing for an SSD reconsideration in Greenville is similar to filing your original application. There are certain differences in the process including:

  • The panel reviewing your SSD reconsideration will be different
  • You are allowed to submit other supporting medical evidence to validate your disability claim

You get a chance to clear misunderstandings and bring correct information to new people who are reviewing your application. You need to carefully check all paperwork and ensure that it’s free from mistakes. Provide complete documentation for approval as the medical evidence depends on your specific disability. Providing a solid disability medical record includes the following evidence:

  • Treatment documents from the hospital
  • Evaluation document from medical professionals related to your medical condition and disability
  • Mental health evaluation documents
  • The details of your disability include the restriction in motion or lifting etc.
  • The results from medical tests include CT scans, X-rays, blood tests
  • Your doctor’s notes regarding your limited residual functional capacity
  • Documentation for the progression of your condition, how you have responded to the treatment, and the status of impairment

The reconsideration report should include the information required to get approval. All the additional medical records must be included in it. You are required to fill the gap that led to the refusal of your first application. If you do not provide additional medical evidence, your reconsideration application won’t succeed. Your social security disability attorney will help you in gathering substantial evidence to get approval.

Follow the SSA Deadlines:

After you receive a rejection, you have a limited time to file a request for reconsideration. The deadline is for 60 days and you need to file the reconsideration application within this time. You may think that it’s a long time; however, getting started early can help you gather relevant information that can lead to successful results. The sooner you will be able to send them additional information, the sooner they might be able to approve your benefits.

Tips for Your Case:

The following basic steps can fast-track your process and increase the chances of approval:

  • Apply as soon as possible. Applying soon helps in getting the financial aid that you need. The process may take time and waiting until you need money will be a bad decision.
  • Follow exactly what your doctor says. You need to strictly follow the treatment plan. Be very careful about attending all the medical appointments. Take all the prescribed medication as you may not be able to get disability benefits if you ignore the doctor’s instructions.
  • Keep all essential documents organized. It can help you in reporting your updated condition and filing the case timely.
  • Keep notes about how the disability is impacting you. Name people who witnessed these impacts.
  • Don’t exaggerate or downplay your disability. Do not try to minimize the impacts of your serious medical condition. Disability impacts every aspect of your life and you need to mention the facts. It helps in getting the benefits you truly deserve.
  • Hire a trusted and reliable attorney.

Hiring Trustworthy Disability Lawyers in SC:

This is the most essential tip for your case. Increase the chances of getting approval on your reconsideration application by hiring our experienced social security disability attorney in Greenville, SC.

Your attorney will make sure that you do not miss the 60-days deadline and effectively submit additional information and medical record to obtain successful outcomes. We have extensive experience and knowledge with all stages of disability appeals. Speak to our attorneys and get the help you need. We believe in obtaining the benefits that you deserve.