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When dealing with Covid symptoms, a lot of people assume it is going to last for a few days before getting better. The recovery process can be challenging and thousands of people have gone through this struggle.

During this struggle, some individuals are now known as “covid long haulers” and find themselves dealing with long-term effects of the virus. If you are in this position and are unable to work, you need to review your legal options.

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What is a Covid Long-Hauler?

A covid long hauler is an individual that has been diagnosed with the coronavirus, gone through weeks of treatment, and then been given a clean bill of health. Once this occurs, it is naturally assumed you are good to go and the condition is in the rearview mirror.

Unfortunately, medical reports are starting to show signs of what are lingering symptoms. These symptoms start to take a toll on people’s quality of life and make it difficult to function properly. The symptoms are specifically associated with covid-19.

Keeping this in mind, these individuals are known as covid long haulers. The idea is they deal with relevant symptoms for a long period of time instead of completely recovering.

If you are in this boat, you will understand how difficult these symptoms can be including fatigue, headaches, coughing, and breathlessness.

Due to this being a reality for thousands of people, it is essential to understand what your legal rights are. This is where Robert Surface comes into the equation. Our law firm is focused on offering a comprehensive solution that will allow you to file a legal claim right away.

Just reach out to us and learn more about what your legal options are with a situation such as this. If you or your loved one is a covid long hauler, it might be best to seek legal consultation from a trusted law firm.

Long Term Covid Symptoms That Can Cause Disability

A concern that has been noted in America involves the presence of covid-related disabilities. These long-term disabilities have started to make an impact on the population and patients that went through the recovery process but never truly recovered.

These claims are coming in and it is important to understand where you fit in all of this. To get started, the best option is to look at what types of disabilities are related to covid.

The disabilities include:

  • Joint/Muscle Pain
  • Insomnia
  • Breathlessness
  • Body Aches
  • Headaches

Review your case with a Greenville Covid SSDI lawyer.

The unfortunate part of this is it can have a tremendous impact on a person’s ability to function throughout the day. These symptoms continue to linger in the background making it hard to do anything such as working or going to school.

For those who are in this type of situation, it is recommended to learn more about what can be done when making a long-term disability claim.

You can do this with the help of a reputable law firm such as ours at Robert Surface. We are a tried and tested option that is willing to go the extra mile when it comes to delivering serious results and taking the time to understand what you require.

If you are worried about what needs to happen next, please feel free to reach out to us at (864) 300-4994 and see what is needed to file the claim.

Who is Eligible to Receive Social Security Disability in Greenville?

The social security disability claim can only be filed under specific situations. This is why it is best to reach out to our law firm at Robert Surface and see what your options are before moving forward. We will guide you every step of the way.

In general, a person has to be working to be eligible for this type of claim. You will have to prove that you have a long-term liability that is impeding your ability to work at 100%. This includes providing relevant medical evidence associated with your symptoms to make sure everything is accurate.

The claim will only go through when this type of proof is offered.

You will have to go through each step and demonstrate why your situation is difficult and leading to major issues when it comes to working. If you wish to have a Covid long-hauler lawyer help out, Robert Surface is ready to assist from day one.

We will go through each detail on your behalf, analyze what needs to happen next, and make sure things are done the right way. All you have to do is give us a call at (864) 300-4994!

How Much Can I Receive For a Covid-Related Social Security Disability Claim?

All social security disability claims go through a screening to make sure everything is accurate. This includes an individual’s financial history based on their income tax returns.

Everything is filed based on these numbers and your lifetime averages.

For example, if you have had continuous growth over the years, the average is going to be taken for your income. This tends to happen for those who have worked multiple jobs and/or have seen multiple raises over the years.

If you are in this type of situation, the best you are going to get through the social security disability claim is the lifetime monthly average of your overall earnings starting from day one as a professional.

If you want to learn more about the numbers, please take the time to give us a chance at Robert Surface. We will work through these numbers with you and pinpoint how to file the legal claim.

How to Prove Covid is Preventing You From Working

It is essential to file a legal claim the right way following established guidelines.

To do this, you are going to have to showcase medical evidence proving that you are dealing with long-term symptoms that are making it difficult to stay healthy. If you are in a situation such as this, it is in your best interest to have recorded proof of everything.

This means reaching out to a certified medical professional and having all of the symptoms cited in a report for verification. This includes any prescription drugs that are given to treat the condition.

If you want to learn more about what is needed or how to collect evidence, we will be more than happy to help out at Robert Surface. Our professionals know how to set things up and will make sure the legal claim goes through as intended.

Appealing a Denied Covid SSD Claim

Let’s assume you have filed a covid SSD claim, but it doesn’t go ahead as planned. This could be due to several reasons whether the evidence isn’t relevant or something else has gone missing.

The goal in this type of situation is to file for an appeal. You can do so through the government and they will have a second assessment done on the file.

A social security disability form next to a keyboard.

You are highly recommended to let a professional law firm assist with the appeals process. This will make sure it does go through as intended and you are not left making the same mistakes again. The law firm will know how to handle this situation and that is what makes us the best.

We are professional, compassionate, and always willing to give our best to our clients.

Why Do I Need an SSD Attorney?

There are several benefits associated with bringing a lawyer for your Covid long-haul claim into the mix.

We are a credible team with years of experience and will know how to handle these claims right away. This means you are not going to make mistakes along the way and everything will be done accurately. This includes assessing the case, collecting evidence, and/or filing the claim itself.

Just having the ability to lean on our legal resources makes all the difference in the world. You will know Robert Surface has your back and is going to do everything in its power to deliver great results.

If you are serious about moving forward with a qualified law firm then Robert Surface is the best team to go with. We are heralded for offering great results, know how to file SSD claims, and will make sure it goes through properly.

You are not going to have to worry about mistakes being made or things being overlooked during the preparation process. This is what makes us a great option!

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