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I could not have asked for a more kind, caring, and compassionate lawyer and lawyer assistant. Mr. Surface and Marla listened whole heartedly to my situation. They were completely pro-active on my VA and Social Security claim. I never once had to call the office for information. I would receive answers before I knew what questions to ask. They gave the best advice possible in speeding the process of my claim along. Extremely professional, highly organized, and easy to talk to. If you are a veteran in need of assistance, I highly recommend you utilize Mr. Surface.
Haden K. Spaulding, SFC 22 veteran retired
I was very impressed with Mr Surface and his assistant Marla. They took my disability case when some would not at last minute. Very nice, professional and super good on communication with me throughout the process. Very thorough and helped me to win my case at the hearing level. Thanks so much!
Chuck Dunn
I had an awesome experience with Robert Surface a time when I really needed help. I would refer them to anyone. They made me feel stress free. I thank them so much for helping me with my you guys
Rose Lancaster
Robert was in my corner the entire process, he was compassionate and understanding about my lack of knowledge of the law. He the only Greenville attorney I would ever use.
Dale Richards

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Mr. Surface and Marla are two of the finest and most compassionate people I have ever dealt with.Mr Surface and Marla have made me feel like family from day 1. It's been a long haul and I never doubted that they would get the job done. I am a 17 year Medically retired Army Combat Veteran who without the help and expertise of Mr. Surface and Marla would be lost and have no idea how to get the ball rolling and get the entitlements I deserve. If you are a Veteran and need help with a VA claim or SS disability claim then look no farther. Robert Surface attorney and Marla are a team that can and will work overtime for you and get you the benefits you deserve. They are genuinely good people who care about us Veterans and want to help us. Please use Mr. surface attorney at law and you will not be disappointed. Let them do their thing and they will without a doubt get the job done correctly. They truly want to help the Veterans who need the help and don't know what to do. Let them handle it for you and I guarantee that they will come through in flying colors. Great law firm. Fantastic and compassionate individuals who understand the issues us Veterans have and deal with.
John J. Voorhis
So impressed with how J. Robert Surface, Attorney At Law, embraced the complexities of our case and appeared to thoroughly research every aspect so that we were all well prepared for the court case. We are grateful indeed. Thank you!
Taylor Forsyth
Best VA lawyer representatives. Ms. Marla is so friendly and can answer any question truthfully. Mr. Surface and Ms Marla will definitely get the job done and will guide you in the right direction. Excellent people!!!
Leah Johnson
Getting Robert Surface as my disability lawyer, was the best decision I made during my disability ordeal. Robert, and his assistant Marla, took time to answer all my questions, and told me to call anytime. They were very professional and personable. Helpful, hardworking, and trustworthy!
Sarah Mooney
Dear, Mr. Surface, it has been an amazing positive uplifting experience with your law firm. I tried unsuccessfully for years (28 to be exact) filing my claims with the VA. Then a fellow Veteran highly recommended me to Attorney Robert Surface - said he knew how to get the job done and what an understatement that is. It is an honor and privilege for me to refer any of my fellow Veterans, family and friends to your law firm. I am so very thankful to Attorney Robert Surface and Marla for everything that they have done on my case and from the beginning upon meeting with Attorney Surface it has been a God send. Important to note, Marla kept in touch with me every step of the way to let me know how everything was going on my case. No detail was too small for Marla to cover and on top of that Marla caught mistakes the VA made and was able to correct them with ease and amazing speed. She is down to earth and when it comes to the red tape of the VA she is a master at cutting through it and finding solutions to anything the VA throws at you. Most notable is the expertise of Attorney Robert Surface, when it comes to the VA he knows exactly how to get the job done and I hope and pray for any Veteran struggling out there and in need of an Attorney they contact Attorney Robert Surface asap you will be ever so thankful you did.
Angela Rogers
After getting denied my first time in New Jersey, I got an attorney in NJ to file an appeal. Needless to say, I was denied a second time. We moved to South Carolina last October and once we got settled in I researched all the disability lawyers in Greenville County. When I read the positive reviews about Robert I scheduled a meeting with him. Me just moving here and not having any insurance followed Robert to the Greenville Memorial Hospital parking lot. There he pointed at the front door, told me walk in there and apply for sponsorship which I did. Then he pointed across the street at New Horizons Family Health. I went in there and was able to get quality healthcare at an affordable price because they use a sliding scale. What other attorney would do that? He is very knowledgeable about the disability process and is a good man. Marla,his assistant is just as awesome! Together they make a great team that I would highly recommend to anyone who needs a disability lawyer!
Vin L