Can I Get SSI Benefits in Greenville for My Child With Autism?


Who is really qualified to receive SSI benefits in Greenville? Maintaining a good quality of life for a disabled child with Autism can be quite challenging. Providing medical assistance and specialized education while ensuring a high quality of life is expensive. To help families with disabled children, federal assistance is available to ensure that parents do not have to be concerned about their children’s basic necessities.

However, you must meet the criteria to qualify for SSI benefits in Greenville that are provided under the SSI child disability program.

Consultation With SSI Attorney for Children:

Parents struggling to meet the SSI benefits in Greenville requirements for their children or who have had their application rejected should get a consultation scheduled with an experienced attorney for SSI in Greenville. Doing so will be of paramount importance for their case. SSI child disability lawyers have the academic background and experience, which helps them to guide parents about the process and increase their odds of success.

However, the primary thing here is to understand the SSI and its eligibility criteria.

What Is SSI?

Supplemental Security Income or SSI is a means-tested program. Through this program, cash payments are provided to disabled children and adults and individuals age 65 or older who are citizens or nationals of the United States.

The SSI program got incorporated in the Title 16 of the Social Security Act. It was created by the Social Security Amendments of 1972. The program began its operations in 1974.

How to Qualify for SSI Benefits:

According to Social Security Administration SSA, there are strict requirements that must be met for disabled or blind children to qualify for SSI benefits in Greenville. The complete list of all the requirements is listed by conditions in the SSA’s Blue Book, searchable online.

The listing for Autism Spectrum Disorder states that to be eligible for SSI benefits, children with Autism must have the following:

  • The inability for social interaction
  • Inefficiency in verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Significantly restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior, activities, or interests

The parents of disabled children must have medical documentation proving that their child has all three of these deficits. It is imperative for the child to have an extreme limitation in one of these areas or severe limitation in two of these areas:

  • Remembering, understanding, using information (ability to learn, follow instructions, remember and use information, use reason to make decisions, solve problems)
  • Interacting with others (cooperate with others, ability to engage in interactive play, maintain friendships, initiate or sustain a conversation, handle conflicts, understand social cues)
  • Focusing on activities (avoid distractions, ability to engage in activities at a consistent pace, complete errands promptly)
  • Adapting or managing their self (control behavior, ability to regulate emotions, maintain personal hygiene, protect oneself from harm)

To ensure that their child receives SSI benefits in Greenville, the parents of a disabled child will need to provide as much medical documentation as possible.

Financial Requirements:

Before their child receives the benefits, it is important that parents must also satisfy the financial criteria. The overall income of the adults in the household working full time must not exceed the income cap that the SSA sets. With each adult working in the house, the income cap for wages increases. The parents or guardians will have to submit financial documentation such as a W-2 or a federal tax return to prove the income range of each adult working in the house.

What Is the Periodic Review?

Please note that even when you get approved for your SSI child disability benefits, parents will still be required to undergo a periodic review. This review is necessary to ensure that the family who is participating in the program is still financially eligible. The SSA can also examine how the fund is being spent.

If there is some medical condition that leaves room for improvement and there is a reduction in the disability of the child, then SSA may also appoint a periodic review.

Nevertheless, handling these reviews constantly can be emotionally and administratively burdensome. Having a disability attorney with you will deal with all this documentation, advise you about upcoming processes, as well as help you prepare for them.

How Can Disability Attorneys in Greenville, SC Help?

When you have a social security disability attorney, they can help in the best way so your child can receive maximum benefits for their disability. The lawyer will walk you through the filing process and support you if you receive any denial of benefits. The lawyer will also fight for your legal rights and help you receive the maximum benefits for your disability.

However, you need to choose suitable legal representation. You must choose someone who has been practicing long enough and has a career-focused field of disability cases. J. Robert Surface Attorney at Law is the best social security disability attorney in Greenville, SC. Use the contact form or call us to make an appointment for a free case review.