Is Medical Evidence Important for a Disability Claim in Greenville?


Handling a disability claim in Greenville becomes extremely overwhelming. Disability whether permanent or temporary brings a lot of challenges for the victim. Fear of losing the job, mounting medical bills, pain, and suffering can have a great toll on your mind. Disability can result from a serious motor vehicle accident or a work-related accident. In 2019, there were around 1,000 traffic deaths that occurred in South Carolina. Traffic accidents lead to fatal injuries to the victims including traumatic brain injury, paralysis, fractures, and disability. Regardless of the cause, disability has proven to be life-altering.

Claimants for the social security benefits suffer from mental impairments, physical impairments, and in some situations a combination of both. They are required to testify about the symptoms associated with their medical condition at a court hearing for a disability claim in Greenville. An Administrative Law Judge will hear the claimant’s testimony. Your medical records for the impairment will be compared with your testimony by the Administrative Law Judge. You should be aware of the importance of medical records in strengthening your disability claim in Greenville.

Medical Evidence & Disability Lawyers in Greenville SC:

The claimant’s testimony that you will provide to Administrative Law Judge about your medical impairment is considered as subjective evidence for a disability claim in Greenville. Whereas the medical tests and signs you provide in a documented form are referred to as objective evidence in court. The Administrative Law Judge generally finds the cases more credible when the victim provides subjective evidence along with objective evidence.

For instance, if you are seeking benefits for severe back pain. You may be working at a retail store where you have to stand for an 8-hour long shift. If you develop severe back pain impacting your ability to stand or walk, you can submit your medical records to an Administrative Law Judge before the disability hearing. You will have to testify at the disability hearing about the symptoms you experience. The testimony should include all the details including a limited range of motion, swelling, and intensity of pain.

The Administrative Law Judge will compare both your statement about the back pain and your medical records. If your medical records support your testimony then the Judge will likely believe your testimony. However, if there is no medical evidence for the back pain then the judge will not consider back pain as severe as you testified. Your disability attorney will guide you through each step. They will help you in keeping a track of your medical records and preparing you for testimony.

Essential Medical Evidence:

What an Administrative Law Judge looks for in medical records varies in each case. To determine whether you have provided a credible testimony about your back pain, the judge will look at a variety of factors in your medical evidence. The following evidence will hold important value including:

  • Whether you received medical treatment for the back pain on a consistent and regular basis
  • Did you receive medical care from a professional doctor who has specialization in the treatment of back pain problems?
  • Were you given medication by your doctor for back pain?
  • Were you prescribed a cane or walker by your doctor?
  • Does your doctor think that you may need a surgery
  • Diagnostic scans such as x-ray scans, MRI scans, or CT scans show significant impacts like a bone fracture, tissue damage, or arthritis.
  • Did your doctor prescribe handicapped parking?
  • Did your doctor note all your symptoms in the medical chart? Whether there was swelling, limited motion, etc.

Testimony’s Credibility for a Disability Claim in Greenville:

Testimony’s credibility becomes questionable when a medical problem for which you provided testimony has not been medically treated. Our disability attorney strongly encourages our clients to seek proper medical care. Documenting your subjective pain evidence with objective medical evidence is essential for your claim.

With medical treatment, the medical impairment that is currently preventing you from working could be improved or completely resolved. Proper medical treatment can allow you to return to work. You may not require to apply for disability benefits with complete recovery. After receiving your medical treatment, if your impairment does not improve then you will have a solid claim with the necessary objective medical evidence to prove disability in front of an Administrative Law Judge.

Get In Touch With an Experienced Disability Attorneys in Greenville SC:

Medical diagnosis and treatment can be very expensive for certain medical conditions. Hiring a professionally experienced social security disability attorney in Greenville, SC will be beneficial for you. Our attorneys have the expertise and knowledge to help you in successfully attaining disability claims. We will assist you in gathering medical evidence and strengthening your claim.