South Carolina SSD Benefits: The Most Common Types of Disabilities


Not every person in the world is healthy and completely normal. Some individuals suffer from various disabilities, making them unable to work or live on their own. For such citizens, government bodies have developed benefit programs. Such programs provide monetary support and assistance. From females to males, anyone can receive benefits if they can prove their disability. If someone is living in South Carolina, they can get South Carolina SSD benefits. An individual can apply for the benefits based on their physical or mental disability. Once the government accepts your case, they send you the necessary support. It can be in the form of money or health care expenditure.

In December 2019, around 114,706 people received benefits in the region of South Carolina. Amongst them were several categories of people, including blind people, disabled men, spouses, and families of dead individuals; even children. All of these people received monthly payments from the government. Thanks to the laws of South Carolina, different types of disabilities can make a person eligible for the program.

Which Types of Disabilities Make a Person Eligible for South Carolina SSD benefits?

Before applying for South Carolina SSD benefits, one should understand the meaning of disability. A person who is termed as disabled is someone who is unable to carry out daily life activities. This disability can be a physical problem or a mental issue. Either way, an individual with any form of disability gets support through SSD programs. To be eligible for the program, a person should have one of the following conditions, which are:

Mental Disorders:

A person with mental issues finds it difficult to get employment. From mood swings to schizophrenia, PTD, autism, and even depression, all are mental disorders. People with psychotic disorders can also make claims for medical assistance. Similarly, those who have organic mental problems or suffer from extreme anxiety can avail of certain benefits. If you or a loved one suffer from such a condition, then get in touch with a lawyer. In addition to this, get a proper checkup so that you can make your claim stronger with medical proof. It’s important to prove in court that your mental disorder has limited your ability to work.

Musculoskeletal Diseases:

According to reports, several workers receive benefits due to diseases related to the musculoskeletal system or connective tissues. Someone suffering from arthritis or back pain, fibromyalgia, or reflex sympathetic dystrophy can get numerous benefits. Since such conditions harm one’s nerves, muscles, and ligaments, they are considered more serious. However, you need to have medical reports to support your claim. One can confirm conditions like Rheumatoid arthritis through tests. Therefore, go to a doctor before anyone else.

Cardiac Disorders:

Just like muscular and mental disorders, people can suffer from cardiac issues as well. If someone has high blood pressure, angina, abnormal heart rates, heart defects, or diseases related to arteries, they should not stress themselves. Such people need to relax their bodies and avoid work in harsh conditions. As a person suffering from cardiac issues, you can avail of medical benefits and monthly stipends.

Nervous Disorders:

Neurological issues include precisions disease, Alzheimer’s neuralgia, blindness, sciatica, and many more. You can apply for disability benefits if you have one of these conditions. Similarly, completely blind or partially blind individuals can take advantage of these benefits as well.


Almost every form of cancer is considered a disability and makes a person eligible for benefits. Whether someone has malignant or benign cancer, they can enroll themselves into the benefits program.

How Can a Disability Lawyer in Greenville, SC, Help You Get SSD Benefits?

Several conditions entitle you to disability benefits. From severe migraines to digestive disorders, anything can make your life unbearable. In such circumstances, due to a medical condition or psychological complications, disability benefits come in handy. An attorney can help you file and win your case regarding this matter. There is a possibility that the system denies your request or thinks of you as unfit for certain benefits. Thus, a lawyer can facilitate you in pursuing the matter. These professionals have profound knowledge regarding disability appeals, so always contact them first.

Get in Touch with Experienced Disability Lawyers in SC:

Anyone facing a disability should get SSD benefits. However, there are situations where your disability doesn’t match the criteria, and you don’t get the right to disability benefits. If that is the case, get in touch with the best disability attorneys in Greenville, SC. Our seasoned professionals guide you on such matters. Moreover, we help you collect necessary evidence and build a strong case for your win. You can contact us to arrange an appointment today.