Is It Wise to Do a Disability Application While You’re Employed?


Dealing with a case of disability in Greenville, SC becomes extremely overwhelming. You can submit a disability application due to any accidental injury. It can change your life forever. You will be worried about mounting medical bills and lost wages. In these circumstances, many disability applicants start doing some work. Many disabled people resume part-time work while their application for disability is still in the process. Economically surviving a situation after the disability is challenging. For this reason, people often choose to work, as hearings for such cases can take two to three years.

In 2019, around 3,336 preventable injury-related deaths occurred in South Carolina. Whereas millions of people suffer from severe injuries each year including permanent disability. You should not be employed while your disability application is pending. The major reason is that the work you will be performing is clear evidence that you can work even after being disabled. You can testify in a hearing that your circumstances compelled you to work. Even if from a medical standpoint you should not be doing it.

Disability Applicants & Disability Lawyers in Greenville SC:

If a person works during the disability application process, it negatively impacts their claim for disability in Greenville, SC. As the judge holds it against the applicants. A rule is in place for similar conditions, if on monthly basis earning average of a person is above $1,170, their claim is denied by the court, regardless of the extent of disability the person has according to medical records. To avoid this problem, some applicants tend to work and make under $1,170. However, these earnings are also damaging for your claim.

If the work does not have payroll withholding, then often disability applicants think it will not cause a problem since no one will know. Explore all your options with your disability lawyer. They will guide you through the best legal option according to your case. When under oath you will be asked by the judge and you won’t be able to lie about working under the table.

Is It Wrong to Go Back to Work When Your Disability Application Is Pending?

It is not always wrong to go back to work while your disability application is pending. Especially if you consider that your job may work out and you will continue it for a longer time while withdrawing your disability application. You would rather want to have a job than a disability check. Your job will provide you with long-term security to fulfill your financial expenses. If the medical condition of the victim makes them unable to perform job duties, and the job lasts less than six months, then they can present it as an unsuccessful attempt to work. This will depict your strong work ethic.

The answer to your question of whether you can go back to work or not depends on your future goal. Either your intention could be to keep the job in the long run and withdraw your disability application or you may want successful outcomes from your disability application; meanwhile doing some part-time work. If you want to choose disability instead of working due to a medical condition, the best strategy will be not to work and reinforce your claim. Lawyers discourage people from working during the application period. Only because no one can guarantee whether they will be awarded or not. However, people will not leave out any opportunity of working in the hope of winning the case.

Before the medical recovery, if you were out of work continuously for a year, you can also explore the options of closing the period of disability. By doing this you can simply collect the disability for the time when you were out of work. Judges are often inclined towards awarding in such situations.

Hiring Professional Disability Lawyers in SC:

Most importantly if you are planning to work, you should always discuss it with your attorney. Our disability attorneys in Greenville, SC will help you achieve a successful outcome. Keeping the record of your paycheck stubs, or exactly how much you make is essential. Especially if you are working with someone who does not engage in payroll withholding. Having a record of your earnings is critical for you. During your hearings, you wouldn’t want to sound vague so be sure how much you made and how much you have worked.

Well, claiming to be disabled and working is one of the toughest decisions to make. Only experienced lawyers can provide you with the right advice. Speak to your lawyer today to prepare an appropriate strategy. We will help you at every step.