Social Security: Do You Really Need A Lawyer?


Anyone who has applied for social security benefits knows it’s a long, tedious process. Unfortunately, there are also times when your application may be denied, and the timeframe of receiving the benefits you need can drag out even longer. Luckily, some attorneys specialize in working on social security cases.

It’s not a requirement to have a social security lawyer to fight for you, but there can be major drawbacks to not having a legal attorney assisting you in this situation. It’s also been proven that having a social security attorney increases your chances of getting SSDI (social security disability insurance) or SSI (social security income).

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Why Do I Need a Social Security Lawyer?

The average acceptance rate for individuals applying for social security benefits rose in 2021 from 37% to 39%, meaning there is a greater chance that your application could be denied if you were to apply for benefits on your own.

Applying for SSDI or SSI requires filling out a disability form and providing certain documents of proof of injury or disability for your claim to be reviewed. You will need the following documents for applying to receive social security benefits or income:

  • Birth certificate
  • US citizen proof or lawful alien status
  • Tax forms
  • Medical reports
  • Pay stubs or settlement agreements

Depending on your circumstance, for instance, if you were injured in the military, you may be asked to show extra documents. There is a checklist on the Social Security Administration’s website to follow for guidance.

Once you submit your application, it can take months to hear if you have been approved or denied. The investigation process is hefty and will require an in-depth investigation of your claim for proof that you need the benefits you are applying for.

If individuals aren’t careful, they could incriminate themselves without knowing it, causing their claim to be denied. A social security lawyer who knows the process will ensure this does not happen.

Typical problems that cause individuals to have their claim denied can include:

  • Insufficient medical evidence
  • Previous claim denials
  • Your earnings are higher than you realize
  • The patient ignored the doctor’s advice
  • Failure to cooperate with the SSA process

Insufficient medical evidence is the biggest reason individuals lose the chance to obtain their rightful benefits. Therefore, your medical records must articulate that you are incapable of working and need financial assistance.

Social security lawyer

What Will My Social Security Lawyer Do for Me?

Hiring a social security lawyer can limit the chance of your claim being denied and can even increase the benefits and earnings you receive. Since these legal professionals know how the system operates, they are responsible for observing your claim at every angle to ensure your claim is approved and optimized.

A social security lawyer is responsible for the following:

  • Reviewing your case for the best approach
  • Making sure your application is complete, thorough, and accurate
  • Collecting and reviewing medical records
  • Filing appeals if your claim is denied
  • Representing you in court (should your case make it that far)

It may seem counterintuitive to invest in a lawyer if you are seeking disability or income since you can’t work, but the good news is that most attorneys do not get paid unless you do.

The SSA is a tough cookie to crack on your own if you are not careful and fully giving your application your attention. Unless your application is denied, most SSA awards are given in court, so it’s best to have a legal attorney who can speak on your behalf to the judge regarding your case.

On top of this, your social security attorney is responsible for taking the best approach to helping you get the benefits you deserve in this time of need. Hiring a social security lawyer is worth it to ensure you receive the help you need for the duration of your life.

How to Find the Right Social Security Lawyer

There are several firms that have social security lawyers in Greenville, SC. The good news is that you have the freedom and decision to determine which attorney you want representing you.

The best way to find the right social security lawyer is to take advantage of the free consultations most firms offer. A free consultation allows you the chance to come and meet the attorney that would be assigned to your case and discuss your situation in greater detail. This is also where you will get a feel of the lawyer’s expertise and personality.

Some social security lawyers have worked for SSA in the past. If that’s the case, then you have extra insider information on how the process work, which will benefit your case greatly.

Cost is another thing to consider when looking for a lawyer. Most social security lawyers operate with contingency fees, which means they will take a certain percentage of your final earnings. Once the SSA has approved your claim and determined how much to award you, they will use your back-pay to compensate your attorney based on their agreed percentage.

If your attorney put in extra work during your case and it required more appeals or a more complex investigation for evidence, they might increase their percentage or have the right to seek extra compensation for their hard work.

After meeting with a handful of social security lawyers, you will need to notify the SSA of who your representative is. To do this, you will need to download the SSA-1696 form and mail it to your local SSA office.

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