Osteoarthritis in Greenville: SSI or SSDI Disability


Anyone suffering from osteoarthritis in Greenville can be in a lot of pain and might have a limited ability to walk or carry out small functions. The pain that the person endures in their joints and other body parts, along with the additional problems, such as muscle weakness, can have a serious impact on their life.

You might not be able to continue working and would be looking to get disability benefits. However, there are a few things to consider for SSI for Osteoarthritis in Greenville, SC. Let’s go through different body parts that osteoarthritis can affect and see if you can get disability benefits for it.

Qualifying for Disability Under the Various Impairment Listings:

Osteoarthritis can be in multiple joints, which is why it can create different limitations. As a result, social security assesses the joint problems in various ways. They have many “impairment listings,” under which Social Security will assess your particular case.

There is a criterion set for each listing to get SSI for Osteoarthritis in Greenville, SC, and if you meet these requirements, you will automatically get the Social Security disability benefits. Let’s discuss the requirements for these listings in-depth.

  • Listings for Back Problems:

Osteoarthritis can be present in the joints of the spine. However, there are specific conditions under which you will qualify for the disability benefits for your joint osteoarthritis. The diagnosis of osteoarthritis in your spine or any of the below will allow you to meet the guidelines:

  • Contraction in the spinal nerve root results in a limitation of the motion of your spine. You face difficulty in walking or restriction in your hand movement
  • Tightening of the spinal canal in the back is impacting your nerve roots, making it challenging for you to walk or restricting your hand movement
  • Listings for Joint Dysfunction:

In case you have osteoarthritis in the following areas, there is a chance you can meet the listing for joint dysfunction:

  • Ankles
  • Elbows
  • Hands
  • Hips
  • Knees
  • Shoulders
  • Wrists

The MRI should show clear findings regarding what you claim in your application. Moreover, you will have to present documentation that shows:

  • You cannot walk without any support
  • You cannot use or have a problem with your hand movement
  • You face problems and can’t use your hand to complete any task

In addition, you can also check your qualifications under the medical criteria set for the different limitations due to osteoarthritis.

Increase Your Chances by Hiring Disability Lawyers in Greenville, SC:

There are chances that Social Security could reject your application, even if you are experiencing severe osteoarthritis in Greenville. It is why having a reliable disability attorney can help you submit your application following the guidelines.

The attorney can work on your case and help you with the initial stages of application as well as deal with the administrative law judge (ALJ). There is a good chance that Social Security will approve your claim if you get a lawyer to represent it.

Besides hiring an attorney, there are other ways to increase your chances for approval. Below are some guidelines that you could use to improve your chances of getting SSDI.

Be Honest with Your Doctor:

To raise your probability of getting SSDI, you need to be honest with your doctor. You need to discuss symptoms of osteoarthritis in Greenville with your doctor openly and tell them about your capability of doing productive work. Social Security will match your doctor’s notes to the claims that you mention in your application.

Follow your Doctor’s Treatment:

It is extremely vital to follow your treatment and take medication as prescribed by your doctor. Social Security would like to see you make an effort to try everything in your capacity to improve your health. If you do not obey your doctor’s instructions, Social Security can have a cause to reject your application.

Add Other Medical Problems Resulting from Osteoarthritis:

People with other types of chronic pain can be under stress and anxiety. Therefore, if you suffer from any serious medical conditions, you can list them down in your application.

Social Security will consider your deficiencies that affect your ability to do work. It is why you should mention all the medical conditions that hamper your ability to work.

Seek Professional Services from the Top Disability Attorneys in Greenville, SC:

Getting the services of a social security attorney in Greenville, SC, can significantly improve your chances of qualifying for SSI benefits. Therefore, you can call the Surface Law Firm to discuss your case and learn about qualifying for your SSI benefits for osteoarthritis.