WWII Veteran Expresses Gratitude for Being Rescued From a Flooded Creek

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A World War II veteran thanked the firefighters and others involved in rescuing him in the wake of an accident. Homer Bryant, 96, expressed his gratitude this Tuesday for the help he had received back in November.

Bryant was apparently driving near the North Main Street in Greenville when he somehow lost control of the car. The car came crashing down onto the Academy Street and then continued to fall. As per the Greenville Fire Department, the car suffered a fall of around 75 to 80 feet. Bryant and his car miraculously survived the fall as the car landed directly into a flooded creek in the McPherson Park.

As the car fell into the creek, water began to flood the interior. A young man whose identity is still unknown notified 911 and then rushed to help Bryant. Although he couldn’t retrieve Bryant from the water, his 911 call brought the firefighters to the scene of crash on time. The firefighters then planned a manned entry into the water in an attempt to retrieve Bryant. According to Lt. Nic Finley, Bryant was still in the car with the water up to his waist when the firefighters reached him and rescued him to safety.

The veteran expressed a deep gratitude for all who had been involved in his rescue. He was taken to the hospital and had to spend nearly a week in intensive care to recover from the injuries and trauma of the crash. Bryant says that he now feels better and is well on the road to recovery.

Lt. Finley of the Fire Department responded to Bryant’s gratitude by stating that the gratitude should be the other way around. According to him, it was an honor for the Fire Department to be able to help a veteran who had served the country. If you are a veteran or you know a veteran who is going through something like this, contact a Greenville Veterans Disability lawyer today!

Source: https://www.wspa.com/news/wwii-veteran-thanks-firefighters-who-helped-rescue-him-from-flood-waters/