Reasons Why a Disability Lawyer May Reject Your Claim


You can file a claim for Social Security disability benefits on your own. However, your chances of success are significantly increased if you hire a good disability lawyer who has experience in the area. For disability claims in Greenville, SC, a Greenville Social Security lawyer can help you file a claim and seek a quick decision.

However, not all disability claims are taken up by disability lawyers. This is simply because most lawyers take up disability claims on a contingency fee arrangement. So the lawyer gets paid only when, and if, the claim is successful. If the claim is denied, the lawyer doesn’t get paid anything.

For this reason, a lawyer will examine a claim to see if it has a fair chance of success. Following are some reasons why a lawyer may reject a disability claim and refuse to take it up.

Hearing Scheduled Too Soon

A law firm will need some time to review a claim, gather relevant evidence, and prepare for the Social Security Administration (SSA) hearing regarding your claim. If you contact a lawyer too close to the hearing, the lawyer may not take up your claim. This is simply because the lawyer has insufficient time to properly prepare for the hearing ahead. In general, a good lawyer will require you to contact at least a month or more ahead of the hearing so that there is ample time to prepare.

Lack of Medical Evidence

Your medical records and other medical documentation are central to the success of your disability claim. If there is a lack of proper medical evidence to back up your claim, a lawyer may choose not to accept your claim. Some law firms may still accept your claim and have you undergo testing or seek affordable healthcare options for you so that the relevant medical evidence becomes available. However, not all law firms would go the extra mile for you.

Exaggerated Claims of Disability

As a claimant for disability benefits, it is important that you honestly and transparently represent your disability to the medical providers as well as to your lawyer. If there are indications that you are misrepresenting the disability or deliberately exaggerating or falsifying your symptoms, a lawyer may choose to turn down your claim. This is because the disability claim of an unreliable claimant is likely to fail at an SSA hearing.

Inappropriate Behavior

A lawyer expects you to be polite and respectful, behaviors which will be reciprocated by the lawyer towards you. If you are disrespectful or antagonistic towards the lawyer, the legal staff, or anyone else at a law firm’s office, the lawyer may choose to drop your case. This can happen even after a lawyer has accepted your case.

Rejection by Other Lawyers

Another common reason why a law firm may reject your claim is if you have faced rejection from another lawyer. The reasoning behind this is if you have been rejected by another lawyer, there must have been some clear reason for this rejection. Some law firms may ask you to elaborate on the reason for rejection. Others will not ask the reason and simply turn down your claim.


A vast majority of the recipients of disability benefits are aged 45 and above. If you apply for these benefits as someone aged below 45, you must have extensive medical evidence to support you, or a lawyer is likely to reject your claim. This is simply because it is harder to demonstrate an inability to earn a meaningful wage if you are a younger applicant.

Insufficient Work Credits

In order to be eligible for SSDI benefits, you must have a specific number of work credits. When your work credits do not meet the minimum requirement, you will not be able to get disability benefits. A lawyer will consider this when determining whether or not to accept your claim.

Significant Income or Assets

To qualify for SSI disability benefits, your income and assets must be below a certain threshold. If your income or assets are above this level, you will not qualify for benefits and a lawyer will not agree to represent you.

Hiring a Reliable Social Security Lawyer in Greenville, SC

If you are applying for disability benefits in Greenville, SC, we can help you. Here at Robert Surface Law Firm, our aim is to get a quick and favorable decision for your claim. We work with you to bring together relevant evidence and prepare for your SSA hearing. Reach out to us today to discuss your claim with our lawyers.