Weighing your options about work!

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To work or not to work?
I am often asked this question. If you are filing for Social Security disability benefits, I strongly recommend you not work. Why? work is incompatible with the idea of disability. Disabled people don’t get up in the morning and go to a jobsite and collect a paycheck on Friday. It you do any work while your claim is pending, you must report it. Work can also affect the date your benefits begin if your claim is awarded. Questions? call my firm.
On the other hand, the VA allows veterans to work even though the veteran receives a disability check from the VA. In the VA system, a veteran is given a rating, say 30% or 50%, for his medical disability but the receipt of a check from the VA does not prevent a veteran from engaging in work activity unless a veteran receives TDIU.

The rules are complicated and this is why you should have an experienced attorney helping you with your veteran claim for disability or your disability claim under Social Security.
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