Are My Spouse & Children Eligible for SSDI Benefits in Greenville?


SSDI benefits in Greenville are counted as a basic convenient aid to the people who suffer from disabilities. But have you ever thought of the ways through which your spouse can also avail of this benefit? Well, you should think about your children and your spouse getting SSDI benefits as well because they are like a helping hand especially when you need support.

SSDI benefits in Greenville are not easy to get because of the strict laws and regulations. But with the help of professionals, you can surely do something about it. It is a common perception among people that the relatives of the one claiming the benefits cannot get such benefits. But it is possible.

Certain criteria need to be met to ensure the availability of SSDI benefits for your spouse and your children. Such benefits come as a secondary benefit to the basic benefit for the person with a disability.

According to the SSA government’s official website, 12,613,000 disabled people under age 65 received benefits in November 2021.

A few points can help you understand the formulation of SSDI benefits and how can you avail yourself of them.

How Can Child Disability Lawyers Help You?

Well, if you are planning to get your child’s SSDI benefits then you must think of a good lawyer. It is important to understand the imperative approach of a professional attorney that can help you easily. A good lawyer can help you get benefits. You first need to ensure the eligibility criteria of your child’s SSDI benefits.

One of the most basic regulations is that the one claiming for the benefit must be married to their spouse for at least 1 year. Keep in mind that if your child is over 16 and they are completely fit then you are not eligible for the benefit. You are only eligible for the SSDI benefits if your child is over 16 and is disabled, then you are eligible for the SSDI benefits.

There are many other criteria you must meet, and it’s best to address them through your lawyer. You need to contact a child disability lawyer so that they can help you get your child’s SSDI benefits. Note that a child’s disability lawyer will not only help you with SSDI benefits but will also make ways easier for you in other ways as well. You will gain awareness regarding these beneficial programs.

How Can a Social Security Attorney in Greenville, SC Help?

We understand that eligibility for SSDI benefits is complicated for people who do not understand the law. To get social security benefits, you’ll need to seek professional help.

A professional guide like a disability lawyer in Greenville, SC can always support you and can make things easier for you. Never hesitate to reach out to us so that we can help you with the best.