59-Year-Old South Carolina Veteran Rejoins Army

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A 59-year-old veteran from South Carolina has decided to rejoin the army after a break of nearly 10 years. The veteran is due to begin basic combat training at Fort Jackson in South Carolina during the summers this year.
Monte L. Gould, 59, had joined the army back in 1978. He briefly served with the Marine Corps before quitting but soon joined the Army National Guard. During the recent war in Afghanistan, Gould was able to get posted as a civil affairs team sergeant in Afghanistan.
Gould would later quit the army in 2009 for personal reasons. He wanted to live close to his family and give more time at his home. These preferences led him to call quits on his army job. However, nearly a decade later, Gould found a renewed desire to join the army again and serve in the institution.
Although very rare, it is not all that uncommon for a veteran who hadn’t properly retired to rejoin the forces. Although Gould is old enough at 59 to be rejoining the army, a 68-year-old had previously enlisted for basic training back in 1999. So there have been precedents to Gould’s example.
According to Gould, he had to face a complex maze of regulations and requirements when he decided to reenlist. At the same time, he had to get into shape in order to qualify for the physical standards of basic training.
In doing so, he lost nearly 45 pounds and got back in form so that he could run 7 miles a week. Despite some setbacks, Gould was finally able to make it through. He is now due to report for basic training this June and will be assigned staff sergeant rank, the same rank he had at the time he quit in 2009.
Source: https://www.armytimes.com/news/your-army/2020/01/14/59-year-old-afghanistan-veteran-will-report-to-army-basic-training-this-summer/