South Carolina Proposes More Job Opportunities for the Disabled

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South Carolina is home to more than 720,000 people with disabilities. Of this huge population that can’t engage in routine daily activities, employment opportunities are woefully few. In fact, recent estimates reveal that only about 30% to 35% of this population with disabilities has access to suitable employment opportunities. The rest are unable to find opportunities where they can meaningfully engage and earn wages.
Two representatives in the South Carolina legislature have now filed a bill that seeks to change this. The bill was filed back in December. As the legislative session of the House has begun this week, we can expect that the bill may be tabled and discussed if it receives adequate support.
The proposed bill supports initiatives to help create more job opportunities for the disabled across South Carolina. Currently, people with disabilities have access to various disability benefits offered through the Social Security Administration (SSA). However, there is a lack of a structured approach to help create genuine employment opportunities for the disabled in private businesses and organizations.
This is what the proposed bill addresses. The bill envisions a sort of partnership between the state and private businesses, aimed at helping the disabled. The state would create a commission which would guide businesses on how best to create opportunities for the people with disabilities. At the same time, tax incentives would be offered to businesses who work with this commission to support the disabled.
The bill still has to go through a lot of hoops before we can expect any changes to materialize as a result. It must first muster sufficient support in the House to be tabled and discussed. The input of the local businesses will also be important in determining how successful the proposed measures will be. Even if it does get sufficient support, it can still take a long time to be approved.
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