Social Security Disability: What’s the Most You Can Get?


Have you recently had trouble trying to collect disability benefits from social security? If so, you need the help of a lawyer for social security in Greenville, SC. It can be very difficult to go through this tedious process, and only a small number of applicants see the results they’re after.

If you have not yet filed for social security disability benefits, you may be wondering about what you’ll receive and what’s the most you can get. Here’s everything you need to know about what to expect when enrolling and qualifying for SSDI.

How to Qualify for Social Security Disability

Whether you just became disabled or have been battling a disability for quite some time, the process to obtain SSDI is hard. On average, only one-third of all applicants are accepted for benefits, and that’s after the long period of applying and waiting to be approved.

In order to qualify for SSDI benefits, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Worked for social security covered jobs
  • Have a disability that meets social security standards

The standards of the Social Security Administration disability definition is as follows:

  • You are unable to work due to medical reasons
  • You cannot make adjustments to work due to your disability
  • Your condition is expected to last a long duration or the rest of your life

Another key aspect to qualifying for SSDI benefits is to have at least 40 work credits. Work credits are earned every year a person is employed under their social security backed job, and only 4 credits can be accrued each year.

If you are a younger adult that has suffered from a disability, then it’s inevitable that you have not worked long enough to accrue the 40 work credits. You can still qualify for SSDI as long as you have earned at least 6 credits over a 3-year time span.

The best way to determine if you qualify for SSDI is to consult with a lawyer for social security in Greenville, SC. If you’re looking for a “social security lawyer near me,” call J. Robert Surface today.

What’s the Most You Can Receive

As of February, the monthly amount a person can receive from SSDI benefits is $1,361.40. How much a person receives from SSDI depends per household. You can look with your attorney to see how much you can expect to receive by looking back through your social security statement and using this online calculator.

Individuals who suffer from a disability must wait at least five months from the start of their disability before they can start receiving benefits.

If you have a family, certain members of your household may be eligible to receive benefits of their own depending on your qualifications. You can seek disability benefits for your spouse, divorced spouse, and children.

If you are seeking disability benefits for members of your household, know that they each can receive up to 50% of your disability benefit.

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Factors That Impact SSDI

The sad thing is that not everyone who applies for social security disability benefits will be approved. It’s a tedious process since your application is thoroughly checked, and your claim is investigated to make sure you really have a disability and need the benefits.

When you apply for benefits on your own, there are factors that could limit or deny your benefits. Those factors include:

  • Age – the older you are, the better your chances of being approved.
  • Disability status – your physical or mental disability must meet SSA requirements.
  • Work credits – you must have the right amount of work credits per your time working.
  • Education – if you have higher education, this tells SSA you’re capable of adapting new skills.
  • Previous doctor visits – they will look at the providers you saw and how often you went.
  • Medicines you take – they will look to determine how the medicine is supposed to help.
  • Previous procedures – SSA will look at the lengths you’ve gone to help your disability.

Possible Issues Obtaining Social Security Disability

Along with the factors that can affect your approval, there are possible issues you may encounter while trying to obtain social security disability benefits that can deny your claim.

Here are some tips to avoid common issues applicants face.

  • Always obey the doctor’s orders, including the interventions they prescribe.
  • SSA will request your medical records. If you don’t cooperate, your claim can easily be denied.
  • If you plan on moving during the application process, update your address and records immediately.
  • You might need help proving that you cannot work due to your disability. This is where you will need the help of an attorney the most.
  • You could not file a new request if your previous one was denied. You must go through an appeal process. It’s helpful to have a lawyer assist with this process.
  • You must show that your disability will put you out of work for at least a year.

Hiring an attorney can help you limit the amount of hoops you can face if you were to file on your own. An attorney can walk you through the application process and file your request for you to ensure all adequate information has been given and you do not harm your chances of seeking benefits.

If your claim is denied, your lawyer for social security can help you in the appeal process.

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