Will My Social Security Change if I Get Married?


Understanding social security benefits can be a challenging process due to the SSA rules. If you’re having trouble filing for social security disability benefits, it’s time to talk to a lawyer for social security in Greenville, SC, like Robert Surface.

Our firm is specialized in helping individuals who need financial assistance after suffering from a disability and are having difficulties with their applications. You probably have many questions when it comes to your application, like wondering if your social security benefits will change if you get married.

Here’s everything you need to know about filing for social security benefits and if this life milestone has any impact on your monthly payments.

What Are Social Security Disability Benefits Used for?

There are two ways an individual can receive monetary assistance from the Social Security Administration every month: through social security income (SSI) or social security disability benefits (SSDI).

People who have worked for a certain period of time and paid social security taxes then suffer an accident that results in a disability can file for SSDI.

In order to receive SSDI benefits, the person must complete an application and meet the SSA’s requirements for SSDI. The average monthly income as of February 2022 for a person obtaining a monthly SSDI payment is around $1,358.70.

One of the biggest key takeaways to qualifying for SSDI is to have worked a job that is covered by social security. Based on how long you have worked your job, you receive work credits each year that add up to a certain amount to be eligible to qualify for SSDI.

It takes 40 work credits to be eligible for social security benefits, with people averaging four work credits each year, but younger workers can qualify with fewer benefits since they have not worked as long as older adults.

Does Marriage Impact SSDI Benefits?

Anyone who is married or unmarried can apply for SSDI benefits, and the good news is that marriage, present or upcoming, will not impact how much you receive in monthly payments. SSDI benefits are solely based on the individual and how much they have worked over the years and what their disability is.

There are other cases, however, there are some marital and family dynamics where SSDI benefits can be impacted for you, a surviving spouse, or a child.


Children of disabled parents may receive SSDI benefits on behalf of the paternal parent’s disability. The goal of these benefits is to provide assistance for children to make it through high school.

Children can receive benefits as long as they are unmarried and are younger than 18. Once they become married or turn 18 (whichever event comes first), the benefits will cease unless the child themselves has a disability.

Surviving Spouse

Widows and widowers may receive SSDI benefits as a surviving spouse of the person with a disability. However, if you were to get remarried before the age of 60, you will lose the ability to receive these monthly benefits. Those who get remarried after the age of 60 will continue to receive benefits.

Greenville Social Security Lawyer

Trouble With Applying for SSDI Benefits

Unfortunately, people who need to apply for SSDI benefits do not realize the issues that can arise with applying for benefits.

If you’re not careful, your application can be denied if you do not have sufficient proof of your disabilities, this is where it would be helped to search for “social security lawyers near me” to find a professional who understands the system to help you optimize your benefits.

Here are some common mistakes individuals applying for SSDI may not realize they make which can lower or deny their benefits:

  • Failing to display proof of disability and/or inability to work
  • Noncompliance with SSA rules
  • Applying for a new claim if one was previously denied
  • Applying for benefits too soon
  • Not understanding the benefits application process

It typically takes a few months to hear back about your application once everything is submitted. That is because your application must be thoroughly investigated to approve your validity.

When the SSA is investigating your claim, they are strictly going by their definition of what a disability is and if you meet their definition. Since your application and records need to be tailored to their definition in order to be approved, your lawyer for social security in Greenville, SC can take the reigns and help you increase your chances of being approved.

How a Social Security Lawyer Can Help

A social security lawyer is specialized to help individuals file their applications and gather the necessary records to prove a certain disability to the SSA office. There are a lot of hurdles you may have to jump through if your application is not precise enough.

Here are other ways a social security lawyer like Robert Surface can help you with your claims:

  • Review your application and make sure it’s complete
  • Obtain and review evidence and records on your behalf
  • Advocate for you to the SSA office
  • Help you with appeals if your claim is denied
  • Represent you in trial

According to the SSA, you have the right to an attorney to represent you at any time during the application process, but you must indicate who your attorney is in writing immediately.

Speak to a Lawyer for Social Security in Greenville, SC About Your Case

Whether you are needing to start a claim with the SSA or just received word that your initial claim was denied, Robert Surface Law is here to help. We act as lawyers for social security in Greenville, SC, and can help you receive your claim and records for documentation.

It can be very confusing and time-consuming to file a claim and understand the SSA process for receiving the disability benefits you need immediately. Our in-depth understanding of their process and required documents make it easy for you to trust that we can get your claim approved.

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