Veterans with Sleep Apnea can get service-connected by the VA

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Did you know that a veteran who develops sleep apnea in military service can get service-connected by the VA?
I have a client who has been service-connected for shoulder issues. A few are connected due to bilateral hip problems, and knee disabilities. Many are connected due to PTSD or bipolar illness or schizophrenia.
I have a client who is seeking service-connection for a finger fracture in the 1950’s due to an underlying enchondroma.

Scars can be service-connected especially if they are keloidal.
There is no end to the number of medical problems that are service-connect-able by the VA.
Paratroopers tend to have knee problems because of the way their bodies hit the ground.
Some veterans suffer hearing loss while working in engine rooms, or worse, tinnitus, a ringing in the ear. Tinnitus is a chronic disease in its own right, not a symptom of something else.
Vets get involved in car wrecks off-base, and injure their necks and spines and knees.
It makes no difference whether the veteran is on-base or off-base. As long as you are serving, you can potentially receive service-connection by the VA.
PTSD and depression and sexual trauma continue to loom large with veterans and the VA. Many women experience unwelcome sexual advances while serving their country, traumatizing them, and resulting in psychic injury and symptoms.
Folks should also be aware that if you have a primary disease that arose in military service, and you develop a disability secondary to your primary disease or illness, you can receive secondary service connection for that new, secondary condition.
For example, if you are service-connected for an ankle problem, but your back has been “thrown out” by your ankle problem due to the stress the ankle puts upon your back, it is possible to get service-connected for a back problem.
Ankle problems cause difficulty with ambulation and walking. If your ankle problem forces you to use a brace or a cane, your gait can become antalgic, which might throw your back off-balance, and cause pain. One medical problem can result in a new, different medical condition because the human body is intertwined.
Both physical and mental problems that began in the service can be service-connected by the VA system if you have a current disability, and if you have a nexus between the in-service event and the post-service disability.
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