Who Can Help Me If I Have Trouble with My Veterans’ Disability Benefits?

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Receiving an honorable discharge from a branch of the military service means going back to civilian life. For those who happen to be injured or disabled, that transition means finding the right treatment program close to home and making sure that veterans’ disability benefits are covering what is necessary. When something unexpected occurs, and you need to fight for those disability benefits, that is the time to reach out to legal counsel.
A lawyer who understands the process of filing claims and handling the steps to fight for veterans’ disability benefits can help you handle the process efficiently and as quickly as that process can be handled. Results are never instant, but they can be reached in a more timely manner with the assistance of a knowledgeable legal counsel.

Common Issues that May Receive a Denial but Are Covered

There are certain situations where medical impact is well-documented in regard to past military conflicts and the medical conditions that resulted. For example, exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam or the Korean War has resulted in cancer, skin conditions, heart disease, issues with organs and diabetes, to name a few conditions. This exposure also may have resulted in having children with birth defects. All of this is recognized by Veterans Affairs and makes the veteran eligible for certain benefits or medical coverage. However, not every veteran that applies receives the immediate approval of a claim.
In those cases, a veterans’ disability lawyer can help adjust the claim and meet the necessary expectations to have the claim approved, and the veteran receives the benefits they should be receiving.
Other situations that are recognized by the VA include Gulf War Syndrome, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Bile Duct Cancer and total disability due to injuries sustained while on active duty (Total Disability Based on Individual Unemployability). 

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Despite the fact that these and numerous other conditions are recognized and those veterans are entitled to benefits, the sad fact is that most first claims are denied. This means entering the complex and time-consuming appeals process, which is where most of the veterans find themselves shortly after their discharge, particularly if they suffer injuries during service.
Working with a lawyer that knows the ins and outs of such a complex appeals process can help alleviate stress and frustration for the veteran and his or her loved ones, particularly those juggling medical treatment for the condition and attempting to determine how to pay for the medical bills and day-to-day expenses when most of their time is spent at a doctor’s office or treatment facility.
The veterans’ disability lawyer can help you understand what diagnosis or other medical documentation will be needed to prove the claim is valid. During the wait time, which there will inevitably be, for the appeals process to move forward, you can be arranging those appointments and gathering that documentation. This can help move the process forward in a timely manner as well since you have the advice of legal counsel and are aware of needed documentation before making a trip to a hearing or review.

What Disability Benefits Are Offered for Veterans in South Carolina?

Some benefits are provided differently in different states. Therefore, veterans who return home to the state of South Carolina should be aware of the general range of benefits available and the opportunities to take advantage of these benefits.
Housing benefits are offered for veterans in South Carolina. The housing is specially renovated to offer ease of movement for those who are paralyzed from the waist down or on one half of their body. There are also three nursing home facilities in the state that offer care for veterans: the E. Roy Stone Jr. Pavilion in Columbia, the Richard Michael Campbell Veterans Nursing home in Anderson and the Veterans’ Victory House in Walterboro.
Veterans also are entitled to exemption from income tax on their retirement pay, a Homestead exemption on property taxes if they are deemed disabled by the VA and exemption from municipal parking fees when the vehicle is marked with a disabled veterans’ tag or a license plate with either a Medal of Honor or a Purple Heart.
Other benefits include a reduced rate to visit state parks in South Carolina, free hunting and fishing licenses and even free tuition for children of certain war veterans.
In fact, there are a number of benefits clearly outlined by the South Carolina Division of Veterans’ Affairs, and those include both the benefits outlined above and numerous other rights and credits. With the amount of benefits and potential eligibility for each veteran, it is likely that handling things on your own can lead to missing something.
When it comes to medical claims or claims for benefits, the number of veterans and the way the system is handled leads to backlog, and it can mean a long wait or a situation where things are not handled appropriately. This means legal representation can make the difference in your specific case.
Up until 2007, veterans were required to handle claims and appeals a certain way, and that included the use of only VA-approved legal representation. Following that year, a change was made to allow veterans to hire the lawyer of their choice. This can help the veteran in a number of ways, increasing the chances that their case can be handled in a more timely manner.
Working with a lawyer and handling the details of veterans’ disability benefits can help alleviate some of the stress and struggle related to the proceedings. In order to better understand the process and what is required of you, it is important to find a lawyer that handles these cases regularly and has an understanding of the process themselves.

Meet with a Veterans’ Disability Lawyer in Greenville, South Carolina

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