One Injured in Shooting at Veterans Affairs Hospital

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A man was injured in a shooting incident at the Veterans Affairs hospital in Fayetteville. The nature and seriousness of the injuries are not known at this time. The authorities have not revealed the identity of the injured person either.
The incident took place this Friday afternoon, according to the police. A woman carrying a gun simply walked into the hospital. She headed straight to the emergency room and then shot the victim. Immediately after the shooting, the woman was detained by the Department of Veteran Affairs, with help from the local police. The person injured in shooting was taken to the Cape Fear Valley Medical Center where he is undergoing treatment.
In a preliminary investigation conducted by the FBI, the authorities have concluded that the shooter and the victim didn’t know each other. According to the bureau, the incident took place at a time when the individuals involved in it were not accompanied by anyone else. No one else was harmed during or after the incident either.
The details of the incident are still forthcoming. The police have not revealed the identities of the shooter or the victim so far. This is often the case in an ongoing investigation. It remains to be seen what charges will be brought up against the woman who pulled the trigger.
It is also unclear whether or not the weapon she used in the shooting was legal. If the weapon was not legal, unlawful possession of a firearm will probably be among the charges brought up against her. It is considered a misdemeanor in the state of South Carolina and the punishment includes up to one year in jail.
For the personal injury inflicted in this case, the charges may ultimately depend on the nature of the injuries. This will also likely determine the severity of the sentence handed in the case.
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