How to Apply for Disability Benefits for My Child?

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Adult with disabilities usually seek benefits through the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program of Social Security Administration (SSA). As the name suggests, this is a kind of insurance. You must have worked a certain number of years in order to qualify for SSDI benefits. So SSDI is only available to adults with disabilities.

If you wish to seek disability benefits for your child, however, you can’t apply for SSDI. Instead, there are other options you must seek to get your child the monthly benefits. Here are some of the cases in which your child may receive disability benefits and a quick brief on how to apply for these benefits.

Children With Disabilities

If your child has an active disability, he or she may qualify for Supplementary Security Income (SSI) for children. However, your child’s circumstances must meet a number of requirements set forth by SSA.

The primary requirement is that the disability in question must be recognized by SSA. As with SSA’s general requirement of a disability, it must result in a severe limitation of a child’s ability to function. At the same time, the disability must have existed for at least 12 months.

The next vital requirement is that the assets and monthly income of the child must not exceed a certain limit. In doing so, SSA will take into consideration all the sources of income a child may have. These include the income and resources of the child’s parents as well as other family members. The child must also not earn any more than $1,200 per month. A disability lawyer in SC can help you understand the exact requirements.

An elderly man speaking to his doctor about disability

Child With Parents Getting Disability Benefits

A second way for your child to collect disability benefits is if you, as a parent, are already collecting SSDI or Social Security retirement benefits. In such a case, the child may be able to receive dependents benefits.

However, your child must meet certain requirements to receive this type of benefits. The first requirement is that the child must be directly and demonstrably related to you. Dependent benefits can be sought only if the child is biologically related to you or has been adopted by you for a certain period. Stepchildren may also qualify for dependent benefits in lieu of their disabled parents.

Grandchildren of a disabled person receiving disability benefits may also seek dependent benefits. However, the requirement here is that both parents of the child must have deceased and the child must be directly dependent on the grandparent.

A child may also apply for survivor benefits if a parent receiving disability benefits has passed away. Again, the benefits application must demonstrate how the child was financially dependent on the deceased SSDI recipient.

Adult Children with Benefits

This is a specific category for children who were disabled by the time they turned 18. If the child was previously receiving benefits in lieu of a disability or a parent’s benefits, he or she may continue to receive these benefits as long as the disability exists. These benefits are also available to young adults who are disabled before they reach the age of 22.

Applying for Children Disability Benefits

  • If your child has a disability, SSA will use the standard disability determination process to review the benefits application. In order to apply for the benefits, you will need to file an SSI application as well as a Child Disability Report. You can check out other SSA requirements for the application here.
  • If you are receiving disability benefits, you can apply for SSI or SSDI benefits for your dependent children. If the child is disabled, the application must include details of the disability and the doctor who had been previously involved in treatment.

How Can a Disability Lawyer in SC Help You?

The process of applying for children’s disability benefits can be fairly technical and complex. You must meet various requirements and follow the due procedure. This can be very daunting and if any mistakes are made, the application may be rejected. This is why you can save time and money by hiring a disability lawyer in the first place. A qualified disability lawyer will help you meet all the requirements and receive the benefits your child deserves as soon as possible.

Hiring Child Disability Lawyers in Greenville SC

Here at Robert Surface, we have been working for child disability benefits for many years. Our children’s disability lawyers work closely with you to understand the unique financial needs of your child. We also strive to have a decision on your application at the earliest. Contact us today to book a FREE consultation with our attorneys.