Greenville Veterans’ Attorney: Veteran Benefit Availability


If you are a veteran and you live in the state of South Carolina, there are certain programs and benefits available to you. Some of these programs can help you with your housing or medical needs. Others can help you purchase a home or get a low interest loan. And some of these benefits even extend to your children. If you find that you’re not being given access to some or all these benefits, you should contact one of our Greenville veterans attorneys right away. You can schedule your free, initial consultation and find out what possible options are available to you.

Veteran’s Children May Be Entitled to Free Education

In South Carolina, as in most states, if you are a veteran and have children under the age of 26, they may be eligible for free education. As long as they are 26 years old or younger, and are enrolled in an undergraduate program, they should be eligible for free tuition. Of course, there are some restrictions. They must be willing to attend a State University. They will also have to submit proof that they’re enrolled every semester to make sure they can get reimbursement.

In addition to your child being enrolled in an appropriate program, you must also meet certain criteria yourself. For example, you must have served during wartime at some point in your military career. You also must have been discharged either generally or honorably. If you have a dishonorable discharge, your children will not be eligible for this benefit.

In addition, there are several other criteria you must meet. These criteria apply to most types of veterans benefits in the state of South Carolina. These requirements include the following:

  • You must prove that you are indeed a resident of South Carolina
  • You must demonstrate that you’re totally or permanently disabled according to the Department of Veteran Affairs
  • If you are the child of a veteran applying for free tuition, you may demonstrate that your mother or father passed away during military service
  • You may also demonstrate that your parents served in the military but passed away due to a disability related to their military service
  • You can show that your mother or father was a POW or was declared missing in action at some point
  • You can also submit proof that they received the Medal of Honor or Purple Heart during their military career

There Are Several Employment Benefits for Veterans

In addition to potential educational benefits for one’s children, veterans are also entitled to various employment benefits. There are several programs throughout the state that are meant to help veterans transition into the civilian workforce. For many individuals, the only job they ever had was through the military. Now they are expected to find a civilian job and navigate the private sector all on their own.

Veterans are also entitled to things like career coaching, job referral programs, and resume prep courses. Again, these programs are available throughout the state of South Carolina. If you apply for one of them and they refuse to help you, contact your Greenville veterans attorney so that they can intervene on your behalf.

You May Be Eligible for Special Housing Benefits

Depending on your situation, you may be eligible for special housing benefits. If you’re injured or suffering from some illness, you may be able to receive skilled nursing care in one of three nursing homes across the state. If you show that you meet the requirements, you will be able to reside at one of these nursing homes until your condition improves. If you are not injured, you can still take advantage of other veterans’ programs.

For example, if you were a member of the military, you may be entitled to a VA loan to buy your first home. These loans have very low interest rates and are available to people who may have less than stellar credit based on the fact that they’re a veteran. Again, these are not benefits that you are guaranteed. You must still meet certain requirements based on this special program you’re applying for. Consult a Greenville veterans attorney to find out more.

Your Greenville Veterans Attorney Can Ensure You Receive the Financial Benefits You Deserve

Almost all veterans are entitled to certain financial benefits. For example, you should be receiving your military retirement pay. If there is a problem and you’re not receiving this money as expected, make sure you let your veterans’ lawyers in Greenville know. In addition, you may be eligible for certain tax exemptions and lower property taxes. If you aren’t sure which benefits you are entitled to, contact our office, and meet with a veterans’ lawyer in Greenville.

If Your Benefits Have Been Denied, Contact One of Our Veteran’s Lawyers in Greenville

It is important to understand that, while you are eligible for many of these benefits, you are not necessarily entitled to them. Just like almost any other state program, you need to qualify for benefits before you will receive them. If you’ve attempted to do this and your benefits have been denied, you should contact a Greenville veterans attorney. They can look at your documentation and find out which programs you have been denied. They can also look to see why your benefits were not approved. Once you’ve established what the issues are, they can reach out to the appropriate agencies and file an appeal.

One of the benefits of having a Greenville veterans attorney by your side is that it will give your claim a higher priority. When the veteran’s administration finds out that you are represented by an attorney, they may be more willing to resolve your case. After your attorney has a chance to reach out to them, they will try to negotiate a resolution. It depends on the type of benefits you’re appealing as to what your outcome might be. For example, if you believe that your child should be entitled to free tuition, you need to let your attorney know that. They can then look to see if you meet the criteria for this benefit and make an appeal to the veteran’s administration.

We always suggest you contact our office sooner rather than later. It can take quite some time to get a response from the veteran’s administration in South Carolina. There is a backlog of complaints, and it can take months, or even years to hear back from them. This means you want to get as much of a head start as possible. Make sure you understand that it can take quite some time to get your matter resolved. This is not a reflection of your Greenville veterans’ lawyer’s efforts. It is simply a result of a taxed and overworked agency with not enough resources or time to respond to claims in a timely fashion.