Greenville Social Security Lawyer: Do You Need One?


Some people say you should wait for your social security claim to be denied before you talk to a Greenville social security lawyer. Other people think it’s better to have a social security attorney in Greenville there for them when they first file their claim. Knowing that such a high number of social security claims are denied the first time around, you should be prepared to receive a denial letter in the mail. It’s nothing personal, it’s just that the Social Security Administration is very strict when it comes to which claims they approve and which ones they deny. Hiring a Greenville Social Security lawyer is not going to guarantee that your claim is approved. What it does is it puts someone in your corner who knows the law who can deal with the Social Security Administration on your behalf.

We recommend that anyone who is applying for Social Security disability benefits reach out to one of our attorneys as soon as possible. We can review your file and make sure you meet the criteria for Social Security first. We can also research your work history and tax records to ensure that you earned enough work credits to qualify for Social Security benefits. Finally, we can reach out to your doctor and make sure that they will sign the necessary paperwork to confirm that your medical condition is indeed going to last for at least one year. While you are perfectly competent and able to handle these steps by yourself, most people find it comforting to have someone there to help them do that. And that’s where our Greenville Social Security lawyers come into play.

Have You Already Applied for Social Security Disability Benefits?

Before you meet with your Greenville Social Security lawyer, make sure you have copies of all of your paperwork regarding your claim. If you have already applied for benefits, make sure you let your attorney know. Since it does take some time to receive a response from the SSA, you may not have heard back yet as to whether your claim was approved. Depending on how long it’s been since you submitted your claim, you can have an answer any day or in a few weeks. Your Social Security attorney in Greenville can reach out to the SSA’s local office and find out what the holdup is.

it’s also important that your attorney know that you’ve already filed your claim so they know what sort of medical proof you’re going to need. In order to qualify for Social Security disability benefits, you must be suffering from a medical condition that prevents you from being able to work. This condition must have either lasted a year already or is expected to last at least one year. Gathering the necessary medical records to prove these two facts can be difficult. Sometimes the doctor’s offices are reluctant to provide patients with a copy of their own medical records. What your Greenville Social Security lawyer can do, if necessary, is serve them with a subpoena to produce documents immediately. It usually doesn’t come to this. Usually, once a doctor’s office receives a request in writing from your attorney, they’ll produce whatever documents you need.

Was Your Claim Denied?

If your claim has already been denied before you meet with your attorney, make sure you bring copies of your denial letter with you. Since every case is unique, there’s any number of reasons why your claim could have been denied. One of the main reasons is that you have not suffered a debilitating illness or injury according to the Social Security Administration. They may feel that your injury is something that should easily be overcome within a year. Or they may have denied your claim because you have not earned the necessary work credits.

In order to qualify for Social Security disability benefits, you must show that you have earned at least 40 work credits over the past 20 years. Half of these credits must have been earned in the last ten years or they won’t count. For people who have not worked long enough to possibly reach that point, they can still apply for benefits. However, if they do not meet the prorated amount of work credits required, their claim will be denied.

You Must Prove That You Have a Medical Condition Covered by SSDI

The hardest part about your Social Security claim may be proving that you suffered a qualifying condition. The SSA maintains a list of medical conditions and illnesses that qualify as a disabling injury. For example, if someone is suffering from temporary or permanent blindness, that would certainly qualify them for benefits. The same is true for people who are suffering from certain types of cancer. If the cancer is serious and it’s going to be at least a year before your treatment is over, you may very well qualify for benefits. However, don’t be surprised if the Social Security ministration reaches out to your Social Security attorney in Greenville requiring further information.

Reach Out to a Seasoned Greenville Social Security Lawyer

If you believe you qualify for social security, but your claim has been denied, it’s a good idea to contact our office. Our Greenville social security lawyers have decades of combined experience helping clients just like you. The world of social security disability can be confusing. Attorneys who don’t specialize in this type of law often have a hard time navigating the system. So don’t feel bad if you’ve run into problems.

What we suggest is that you contact our office before you even file your claim. The best way to improve your chances of having your claim approved is to retain a seasoned social security attorney in Greenville. Once the adjusters at the Social Security Administration understand that you’re represented by an attorney, they’ll take your claim more seriously. This does not mean your claim is guaranteed to be approved. It only improves the odds of your claim being treated fairly. Since so many applicants have their first claim denied, you shouldn’t feel discouraged if the same thing happens to you. The best thing you can do is call and schedule your free, initial consultation with one of our Greenville social security lawyers right away.